How Using A Vision Board Can Help You Achieve Small Business Success

If you look at personal or small business success, in retrospect, it all started with a goal.  And depending on the size of a goal, there can be a wide spectrum between that goal and what can be defined as “success.”  So how can that gap be bridged so it is manageable and your goal is attainable?

This is where a vision board becomes useful as a tool to facilitate achieving goals.  A vision board brings the concept that “seeing is believing” to life and serves as a powerful catalyst and reinforcement for making big things happen.  Here is how the process works:

Have a goal.  You start with a goal that you have, whether it is big or small.  It may be a short-term goal or even a long-term one. And it can be quantitative or qualitative.  The possibilities are endless here and your aspirations are uniquely yours; so be bold with your dreams!

Have an idea of what it looks like.  This requires visualization which is where a vision board comes in.  With a vision board, you create what your goal will look like by using words, symbols, pictures, etc. to represent your goal or the journey to get there.  Inherent in this process is the translation of your goal from a mental image to something that is more tangible.

Believe in it.  Now that you’re able to see your goal, it becomes more real and more of a possibility.  You begin to believe that it is attainable and that you can have your preferred outcome.

Get others to believe in it.  When you strongly believe in something, you become passionate about it.  As this passionate radiates from you, it becomes contagious.  Others begin to see what you see, they believe in it, they are willing to support you in achieving it, and they hold you accountable.  You develop a support system and network that is committed to your success.

Develop a strategy. Figuring out how you will achieve your goal is important.  Develop actionable steps that will get you there.  Maybe you need to do two things per week, have a certain level of profit each month, or have a certain number of customers each quarter.  Whatever the goal is, you need to have a roadmap.  Seek feedback from your network to avoid tunnel vision.

Act toward your goal.  Once you’re through the preparatory stage, it is time to act.  Take the steps you’ve outlined, but also be open to changes that you may need to make along the way.  Be ready for detours and speed bumps, handle them as they come up and keep forging onward until you reach destination success.

From the beginning of this process through its completion, your vision board serves as a daily reminder as to why you’re putting in hard work and being persistent.  It is a powerful tool that helps facilitate behavioral change and once complimented with your consistent effort and support network, any goal can be achieved.  Take this approach as you plan to take your small business to the next level in 2012.

How has a vision board helped you in the past?  Do you plan to use one in 2012?  Share a link if you already have one!

Dasanj Aberdeen is an entrepreneurial spirit who embodies the combination of left-brain logic and right-brain imagination as a businesswoman and artist. ShDasanj Aberdeen founded as a platform for encouraging others to optimize their potential by discovering and leveraging their strengths to obtain their competitive edge.  She is a graduate of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.  Follow her on Twitter at: @TheAfter5Edge.


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    I enjoyed this post very much. I was wondering if you would grant me permission to use it in my next Chamber newsletter. I would absolutely give the appropriate credits with any contact info you want included. Thank you.


  2. says

    Dasanj, I like the idea of engaging an actual sensory mechanism–our sight–to feel closer to our goals and more motivated to reach it. I hadn’t thought of a vision board that way before.

  3. says

    Fantastic post, Dasanj!

    I first started using a vision board several years ago as a planning tool. I used create on a cork board that I hung in my office. However, since I am rarely at my desk I decided to switch up this year and use a sketch book instead. This way my vision is mobile and I can carry a visual of it wherever I go. Now when I share my passion with others they can see it plainly and also hold me accountable.

      • Melinda Emerson says

        Ann Marie–

        A vision board is such a great way to keep yourself motivated. Do it and post in on the way near your computer.

        To your business success.

        Melinda F. Emerson

  4. meddy mills CVBC says

    Great Post!
    Let’s take the Vision Board experience one step further. When YOU create YOUR vision board, it’s about YOU — what YOU want, YOUR goals, what YOU believe in and the actions YOU will take to accomplish YOUR goals, Think about it — the most important person, the focal point of the vision board is YOU! Is there a photo of YOU on YOUR board?
    Pull out your camera or your smartphone and take a ‘happy’ photo. By placing YOUR image on YOUR vision board, right in the center, you connect to the photos, the words, phrases and other visuals YOU place on YOUR board … YOU are literally connecting with your new reality!
    Or place a mirror in the center. Every time YOU look at YOUR vision board, YOU will see the gradual transformation as YOU, yes YOU, become more confident about YOUR vision, which encourages YOU to continue moving forward, building your dream.
    Another suggestion is to include positive affirmations on YOUR vision board or in conjunction with it, to keep you on point. These are thoughts, words, ideas that ‘rewire’ your subconscious mind to create the new reality. Try affirmations beginning with ‘I am .. ‘ so YOU speak them as though what YOU want already exists in YOUR world. Affirmations also provide positive reinforcement during those times, and we all have them, when we need a little uplifting. Friends are great supports, but sometimes, YOU are the Best Support System YOU need.
    Happy Vision Boarding!
    (meddy mills, Certified Vision Board Coach and Vision Card Reader)

  5. says

    Very helpful post, I know so many people who have a hard time to visualize. It’s a great idea to make vision boards for your businesses. It applies to any kind of business. it’s a very efficient tool to determine the vision, to focus on the vision and to manifest the vision of your business success. It also is a wondeful, magical creative activity, i love to make vision boards, for my personal use and my business.

    • says

      I want to open a Computer Parts & Accessory Store. In fact I want to open many of them nationwide, but of course, you need only one to start. I am very passionate about this business. But it is hard to keep your passion, when you keep getting knocked down, when trying to get financing, and all you keeping hearing is “NO”!
      I’m at wits end, and really frustrated with trying to get a dream, I know will never come true. In reality, I do have plenty of goals, but will probably never come through. Sorry for being a “Debbie Downer”.

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