5 Obstacles Facing Your Small Business Right Now

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It’s no secret that small business owners face obstacles that perhaps don’t faze their larger competitors. A big company with its own legal department can stay apprised of EEOC and Department of Labor rules, and a company with its own HR department will know how to determine the salary to offer a new entry level […]

Don’t Forget to Do the Math: Know Your Numbers

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Specific reasons why small businesses fail are as unique as the businesses themselves, but there are some commonalities that explain many small business failures. In some cases, it’s easy to see the problem: there isn’t enough demand for what the business produces at a price that will generate a profit. In other cases, problems aren’t […]

What Are the Compelling Reasons for People to Do Business with You?

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People typically do business with you because your value proposition is stronger than that offered by competitors. Value is a comparison of the benefits you offer relative to price. To attract ready, willing and able buyers, you must develop a brand and solutions that appeal to specific buyers, then communicate your message through marketing. Another […]