Fix Your Business: 

A 90-day plan to get back your life and reduce chaos in your business

Drawing on nearly two decades of business experience, Melinda Emerson’s new book, Fix Your Business, lays out her 90-day plan get control of your business and get back your life. Based on her 12 Ps of Running a Successful Business, she walks readers through the problem areas in running a small business with a step-by-step turn around system to build a thriving enterprise. 

This groundbreaking book, Fix Your Business, is the ultimate guide on running a business that works for you, while drastically improving your quality of life and bottom line.

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Fix Your Business gives you a step-by-step way to get yourself back in charge. It’s an organized, practical makeover for your business. Written by a world-class expert, known and respected by millions of business owners.” 

Tim Berry Author, Lean Business Planning: Get What You Want from Your Business

“Melinda F. Emerson’s book Fix Your Business acknowledges a dirty little secret of entrepreneurship: Many people have escaped dead-end jobs only to get stuck in what feels like dead-end businesses.… If you are struggling with a business that has become more burden than blessing, this is the book you need to break through from surviving to thriving.

Alfred A. Edmond Jr. Sr. VP/Editor-at-Large of Black Enterprise

“Melinda Emerson shows you how to accomplish one of the hardest transitions for entrepreneurs; how to turn your small business “job” into a real company in just 90 days “

Barry Moltz Author, Getting Your Small Business Unstuck

“Melinda Emerson is a true small business pro - she is seasoned, strategic and highly pragmatic. Fix Your Business bottles up Melinda’s passion and mentorship so you can grow and scale your business while living a meaningful and enjoyable life.”

Pamela Slim Author, Escape from Cubicle Nation and Body of Work

“You want to grow your business for REAL? Listen to Melinda Emerson’s spot-on, step-by-step advice. Buy this book and implement - DO the action steps in each chapter - and you’ll fix ALL your major business growth headaches (people, process, profit, performance, and 8 more!) After 90 days, you’ll be running a dramatically different company - less stress - more money in the bank - and an evergreen plan to keep growing. This is THE “missing owner’s manual” for smart entrepreneurs who are in it to win it.”

David Newman Author of Do It! Marketing