This 12 module program is a deep dive based on my 90 Day Turn Around Plan To Fix Your Business and Your Life.

Melinda F. Emerson, “SmallBizLady” is America’s #1 Small Business Expert. She is an international expert on small business development and social media marketing. She is the bestselling author of Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months, 2nd Edition, and her latest book is Fix Your Business. She has published over 5000 articles on small business on her blog at

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12 Week Breakdown:

Week 1: Preparation 

  • Getting Ready for Reinvention  
  • Selecting an option to Fix Your Business  
  • Initial goal setting for the 90-day Plan  
  • Find the time to Fix Your Business 

Week 2: Purpose 

  • Your Leadership Style  
  • Attributes of Successful Business Owners Your “Why” Story  
  • Boss Behavior  
  • How to Focus on Priorities 

Week 3: People

  • Leadership vs. Management  
  • Management Styles  
  • Developing Your People Processes  
  • How to Hire Help  
  • Getting outside advisors  

Week 4: Profits

  • Managing Your Money  
  • Setting Money Rules  
  • Securing Funding  
  • Measuring Profit & Establishing Your Profit First Account  

Week 5: Processes

  • Build Systems to Delegate and Scale  
  • Track Workflow Processes  
  • Find the Gaps in Your Business Processes  

Week 6: Productivity

  • Using the right tech tools in your business  
  • Back Office Management  
  • Virtual Office  
  • Financial Management  
  • Communications Systems/CRM  
  • Protecting Your Data  

Week 7: Performance

  • Understanding Value  
  • Building Customer Service  
  • What Should You Be Measuring in Your Business?  

Week 8: Product

  • Is Your Business Still Relevant?  
  • Will Your Products and Services Be Relevant in 3-5 years?  
  • Refine Your Competitive Advantage  
  • Pricing Strategy 

Week 9: Presence

  • Building Your Brand Online and Offline  
  • Is it time for a Brand Refresh?  
  • Hiring marketing help  
  • Establishing a Content Strategy  
  • Build a Personal Brand Online 

Week 10: Prospects

  • Turning prospects into customers  
  • Sales Strategy  
  • Determine Your Sales Goals  
  • Organizing Your Sales Process  

Week 11: Planning

  • Finalizing Your New Strategic Plan  
  • Business Plan vs. Strategic Plan  
  • S.M.A.R.T. goals  
  • How to Implement a Strategic Plan?  

Week 12: Perseverance

  • The Power of Perserverance  
  • The Cultivation of Tenacity  
  • Growing Your Business to Seven Figures  
  • Securing Outside Funding  
  • Expanding Your Business Globally  

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12 Modules with Masterclass Video Lessons 20+ Hours on Actionable Content

We cut the fat, so you can learn exactly what YOU NEED you get RESULTS FAST! ($1,997 Value but your investment is only a small fraction of this!)

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