Are you looking for a clever way to drive leads to your email list?

Top 50 Lead Magnet Ideas Ebook

In this eBook, SmallBizLady outlines 50 ideas to create an irresistible free offer to draw in your target audience.  If you provide some sort of valuable content, in exchange, a potential customer will give their name, email address and cellphone number, which is a lead for your business.

The give and take of using a lead magnet establishes a relationship from the get-go. It a great way to start a relationship, then you’ll have permission to nurture them to become a paying client. 

Your privacy is important to us. We would never sell your information. 

This eBook will teach you:

  • How to make a great first impression on a target customer
  • How to highlight your expertise to solve a real problem
  • Digital ways of connecting with potential customers
  • How to entice visitors to become a paying client.

You should have a new lead magnet on your website every 6 months. This eBook will give you enough ideas to plan for several at a time. Just remember to focus on solving a significant issue for your target audience and you are golden.