Are you ready to leave Corporate America to grow your side hustle business full-time?

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The Recession is here! And you need to get all your revenue streams working, consistently.

For now, your paychecks rolling in every two weeks, but there’s no guarantee how long that will continue.


It’s time to get serious about developing a business that can develop enough revenue to sustain your lifestyle and generate wealth. It's time to make your dream a reality.


When I started my business 23-years ago, I started a as side business first, and later left corporate America to go full-time. With the plan I created to streamline my finances and focus on niche, I went from idea to successful business and never looked back. Let me teach you how to successfully ramp up your side hustle or early-stage business so that you can thrive through this economic downtown.  

Who should attend:

  • Anyone with an idea to start a business
  • People with a side hustle business looking to go full-time
  • Early-stage entrepreneurs who are looking for a plan to become profitable

If you want to start 2023 with a roadmap to build your business, DO NOT MISS this opportunity to be trained by America’s #1 Small Business Expert, Melinda Emerson. 

Here's what you need to do....

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2)  Follow the plan

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Melinda F. Emerson, “SmallBizLady” is America’s #1 Small Business Expert. She is a bestselling author, keynote speaker, marketing expert, and business coach. She has an online school and hosts The Smallbizchat Podcast. She is the bestselling author of Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months, Revised and Expanded.