Are you ready to start your dream business?

Here’s How SmallBizLady Can Help….

Have you been thinking about quitting your job for years? Are you tired of worrying about whether or not you’ll even have a paycheck next week? Have you been working a side hustle that you really want to turn into your main source of income?

Finally, here’s the support you need to develop your business so that you can put the fear and hesitation behind you and pursue your dream business.

I developed the Emerson planning system after watching too many entrepreneurs with great business ideas go out of business due to poor planning. They had no life plan, not enough emergency savings, no clear customer, and were not strong networkers. How to plan before quitting your job has everything to do with whether or not you succeed in business. 7 in 10 small business owners are out of business in less than two years. Do not let this happen to your dream.

Let me walk you step-by-step through my system to transition from a employee to small business owner.  With my coaching you’ll develop a plan for a sustainable and profitable small business. You supply the energy, the idea, the elbow grease–and I’ll supply the plan.

Here’s the course breakdown:

     mastermind-icon1 WEEK 1: Focus: Developing Your Life Plan
This class will help you get clear about why you are starting your business, what you want out of life and determine what you will and won’t do, so that you can build a business that is a good business for you. My life planning process will enable you to develop a vision for your life as an entrepreneur, which will make your business concept easier to implement.
mastermind-icon2 WEEK 2: Focus: Your Financial Plan 
The money to start your business will come from your right or left pocket. This class will help you develop a personal financial inventory and budget to get to the bottom of what YOU should be doing to get over your addiction to your paycheck. We’ll also consider whether crowdfunding could be a viable option for your new business. Your financial resources will determine your timeline to transition from your job to small business ownership. These tools will be invaluable to help you get your money straight to start your dream business.
mastermind-icon3 WEEK 3: Focus: Your Business Concept
It’s one thing to have a business idea, it’s another thing to run a profitable business. You need to figure out what problem you are solving and how your business will make money. This class will help you clarify what you are selling and how you will sell it, either through retail, ecommerce, wholesale or more than one method. You will also determine if you need a business partner or foreign manufacturer.
mastermind-icon4 WEEK 4: Focus: Defining Your Niche
The most important element of a good business is identifying your target market customer and niche. Once you do it will be easy to define your marketing voice. This class will help you develop a niche market for your business and determine your signature move. We’ll discuss Features vs. Benefits and go over the 5 P‘s of Marketing: Product, Price, Promotion, Placement and Profit.
mastermind-icon5 WEEK 5: Focus: Your Marketing Plan
Once you are clear on who you will target for business, now it’s time to develop your marketing plan. We will develop goals and your budget. We’ll learn about The Give to Get Principle and create a 90-day networking plan that will help reconnect and build up quality contacts as you prepare to start your business.
mastermind-icon6 WEEK 6: Focus: Business Planning & Action Plan
We’ll walk you though the steps to complete your business plan and talk about exactly what your next steps should be to put your plan into motion to start your business the right way. We’ll also recap the course and set you on your path to running your dream business.

Don’t forget, you’ll have unlimited access to all the classes and the class materials in the private membership website for one full year.   For the first 6 weeks, you’ll get access to one class per week, so that you can fully focus on that week’s content.  I don’t want you to get overwhelmed!

At the end of the 6-weeks, you’ll leave the class with an ACTION PLAN to start your small business. Being a member of the Become Your Own Boss Mastermind Group also qualifies you for discounts on SmallBizLady’s one-on-one coaching services.

What Does It Cost?

The investment in the program is $497, including a copy of Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months and all class materials, and the Free Gift.  (Note: Private sessions with me are $10,000 a day)

Or Join with 3 Easy Monthly Payments of $187

Here’s an itemized list of what you’re getting….

  • Each session is 60 minutes
  • Classes are available via private membership site
  • An autographed copy of Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months
  • Access to private membership site for 1 year
  • Step-by-step outline to create your own action plan to start your business!
  • Discounts on SmallBizLady’s one-on-one coaching services
  • Recommendations on start-up tools that will save you time and money
  • A special FREE gift worth $197

Or Join with 3 Easy Monthly Payments of $187

Still Have Questions???

Feel free to contact me at Melinda at melindaemerson dot com with any questions!

To your business success,