Thank you so much for your interest in working with Melinda F. Emerson and the SmallBizLady brand. Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions. Hopefully this will give you directions to engage with us.

1. How can my company partner with Melinda F. Emerson “SmallBizLady” on an upcoming marketing program?

Melinda F. Emerson “SmallBizLady” is represented by the William Morris Agency. Click here for details on all the ways Ms. Emerson works with brands. Please contact her agent Miles Gidaly

2. Will I be notified when my guest post is published?

No! Please allow 6-8 weeks from submission for your guest post to run. If your post is not acceptable you will be contacted. You will not be notified when your post is published, but you will be highlighted on Twitter the day your post is live if you submit your Twitter handle.

3. How do I submit a guest blog post?

Once your topic is accepted, submit blog posts to All inquiries about your post should be directed to Sonia.

4. How can I submit a guest post for #Smallbizchat?

We publish guest posts every Tuesday on In order to be considered, click here to submit your 30 word bio, headshot, social media profiles, email address, links to blogs you’ve written and three topics you would like to write about. Once your topic is accepted we want you to submit an original blog post, 500-750 words, and artwork for your post. We require a 60-day exclusive on your content once it is published. Do not embed any links in your post. You are allowed ONLY one link in your author bio. Please note: We do not publish anonymous bloggers, or posts from companies with revenues over $20 Million or those who have accepted venture capital funds.

5. What happens once my topic is accepted for #Smallbizchat?

Once your topic is accepted, you will be asked to submit 12 questions and answers in paragraph form. Your submission will become a blog post, so please do not submit tweets as your answers. We do not allow overt selling in the questions and answers, and please refrain from self-serving questions such as “Why did you write this book?” or Can you suggested any resources? SmallBizLady is happy to plug your book or special offer as part of #Smallbizchat, we will do it for you at the end of the chat, so you can focus on your content. Please focus on content that is helpful and informative.

#Smallbizchat guests are booked two months in advance.

6. What are the requirements to be a guest on #Smallbizchat?

#Smallbizchat is a weekly live chat on Twitter for small business owners. In order to appear as a guest you must be a small business owner or a recognized subject matter expert. We do not allow corporate representatives to appear as guests. To be considered for #Smallbizchat click here to submit your bio, headshot, social media profiles, email address, links to blogs you’ve written on the topic and three topics you could cover on the show. The more specific you are the better your chances for being on the show. If you have written a book you must also send two copies of your book to the address below.

#Smallbizchat Host
PO Box 280
Drexel Hill, PA 19026

7. How can I get a transcript of #Smallbizchat?

Every Thursday morning, the complete QA from Smallbizchat is posted as a blog post on, so if you missed something you can get all the details from there.

8. How can I participate in #Smallbizchat?

You must have a twitter account to join #Smallbizchat. Then you can use or to join in on the conversation. You login with your Twitter account, and then enter the hashtag #Smallbizchat. Remember, we invite all chat participants to give their best 140 character commercial at the end of the chat so you can network, so be ready.

9. How can I sponsor #Smallbizchat?

#Smallbizchat reaches an average of 2.5 million twitter accounts every Wednesday from 8-9pm ET. We invite brands to sponsor #Smallbizchat for one week, one month or three months. We allow brand managers to work with us on the topic or suggest a small biz expert to be a guest. Or you may sponsor the chat with a pre-selected guest. As part of your sponsorship, you will receive four branded tweets during the show with links to a special offer or promotion. If your company is interested in sponsoring #Smallbizchat contact for details.

10. How do I reach Melinda Emerson for a media interview?

In order to book Ms. Emerson for an media interview, TV appearance, or web interview reach out to her publicist Janet Shapiro at Smith Publicity. She can be reached at or directly at 856-489-8654 x320

11. How can I sponsor content or ads on this blog?

We offer brands the opportunity to purchase banner and sidebar ads or sponsor content on this blog. If your company is interested in buying ad space or submitting a sponsored post for contact for details.

12. What should I do if I would like to republish one of Melinda Emerson’s blog posts?

Ms. Emerson charges per article to republish her content from or Anyone interested in using one of her articles should contact Karen Harcum and for details.