• Professional Speaking: keynote and workshop presenter
  • Small Business Coaching: individuals and groups
  • Marketing Consulting
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Content Development/Expert Blogging

Melinda works with four types of clients:

  1. People who want to start a profitable small business
  2. Small business owners who want to grow their businesses
  3. Entrepreneurs in transition who need to refine their business model 
  4. Corporations who want to support their small business vendors and customers


How to Transition From a Job to Small Business Ownership
What do you love?  Where are you a rock star?  What do you do really, really well, that you can sell?  Should you start or buy a business?  Is franchising for you?  How much money will you need?  These are just some of the questions answered in this workshop, “How to transition from a job to small business ownership.”

Using Social Media Networking To Power Your Small Busines Getting started on Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, or launching a blog can be quite an undertaking. This workshop gives you the fundamentals for launching an effective online brand across multiple social media networks. You’ll leave this workshop knowing how to use social media to reach new and existing markets, establish your expertise and grow your business.

How to Recession-Proof Your Business   Afraid of the economic slowdown? This workshop discusses surefire strategies to immediately recession-proof your business with smart marketing and cashflow management. You’ll learn how to diversify your business, intensify your marketing, communicate with employees and make strategic financial decisions. You’ll not only weather the recession, but you’ll position your business perfectly for when the economy comes back.

What is your 30-second Commercial?
Having a network is one of the most valuable assets business owners should have starting out. To build a network, a professional must have the ability to clearly articulate what they do. This workshop defines networking from A to Z. Participants in this interactive workshop leave with a clear and concise :30 second answer to the question, “What do you do?”

How to Sell to Small Business Customers
This workshop helps corporate sales people understand the small business mindset, pain points, the right questions to ask and which small businesses are worth a sales call.

10 Things You Must Never Forget In Business
The workshop covers the 10 critical elements needed to run a successful small business. More mature businesses will like this workshop especially when it is time to refocus on their business priorities.

Getting Your Business Ready for Baby
This workshop provides a planning system for your business before, during and just after your pregnancy. We provide essential strategies to manage your business and motherhood.

Juggling It All Without the Guilt
How to manage the constant juggle of business and family without becoming completely overwhelmed.

Melinda will also develop custom content tailored to the needs of your audience. Contact her today!

For More Information: 610-352-0680 melinda@melindaemerson.com