Do You Have What it Takes to Be a Top Entrepreneur?

430_5015470If you think you have what it takes to be a top entrepreneur, there are 3 ways to know for sure.
There is a long list of attributes of successful business owners, but my list is fairly short, simple, and focused on the most important qualities. What’s more, everyone has these qualities, just some in higher amounts than others. Aside from which characteristics are most dominant in you, it is important to evaluate personally if you have what it takes. Right here, right now, have an honest conversation with yourself. See these three characteristics to discover what it takes to be a top entrepreneur and why:

  1. Passion
    When you have passion, you’re willing to bust through walls to get your message, tools, products, or services out to the world. Busting through walls means: sticking to it when your family or life partner doesn’t believe in you, or when your friends wonder when you’ll get a “real job.” Passion is really about perseverance and putting up with a future that can sometimes be uncertain. Fuel your passion by – never giving up – ever! And focus on your passion when you don’t know how things will fit together in your business.
  2. Vision
    You see the needs of your “people” or your customers before they appear. You really can predict the future regarding what will come, what can be, and what must be. To have this kind of vision takes guts. To be free to reach your vision, you have to know you are great, and you’re the one to do the job. No matter how many others have tried it or will try it in the future, the world needs your unique skills, products, and point of view to see true brilliance. Vision + Swagger = Dreams turned into Reality.
  3. Flexibility
    When you see something isn’t working or when you see something does work but needs a bit of a push – you’re 100% comfortable with changing direction and challenging conventional wisdom. You find a way to make it work and ignore the way “we’ve always done it.” Think of this trait as the ability to walk, talk, and chew gum at the same time. Or think of it as the quality of quick thinking and problem solving. This can be troublesome for people who may consider themselves shy and introverted. But you must push forward even if you are apprehensive. The ones with the most flexibility and the best ideas tend to win. Ignore speed and focus on allowing the great solution you have to bubble to the surface.

Bottom line: I am sure you do have the traits of a successful business owner. The key is to realize that you do and to let these set of characteristics run free in your heart, mind, and soul. This translates to your business. Once that happens, stand back, look at your progress and say, “Wow. You created that. You solved your customer’s problem. You made something you always wanted to do — happen.”

Allow your passion to drive you past the toughest and most uncertain moments. Vision allows you to see your success and push past self-doubt and the naysayers in your life. Flexibility empowers you to find unique solutions to business problems. You do have what it takes. And I look forward to seeing your amazing results!

Refer to this list often. There are going to be times when you need to remind yourself how passionate, filled with vision, and equipped with the flexibility you truly are. Consider writing down your passion, vision, and ability to be flexible. Put those qualities on cue cards. Tape them to your bathroom mirror, your front door, and your closet door. Just remind yourself of who you really are, even if you don’t believe you have these traits now, you will have them in full force eventually. Start believing it now. I believe in you.

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