How To Turn Pain Into Purpose, Then Profit!

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heart-742712_640Pain. It’s a taboo subject that one rarely wants to discuss, let alone dwell on. As we go along our life journey, at some point along the way, we all will inevitably have to confront it, deal with it, get through it and learn from it. As a two-time, stage four breast cancer survivor who triumphed over terminal illness and turned my pain to positive advantage, I can now freely share winning ways to leverage your pain by finding your passion and allowing that passion to produce profit in your business.

  1. Decide To No Longer Be A Victim: Though I’ll never belittle minimize any kind of pain experienced, there’s one thing I know for sure. There will come a day that you will have to bring closure and decide to move forward. Deciding to not be a victim doesn’t mean that what you experienced didn’t occur, it simply means that you refuse to allow that experience to keep you held hostage.
  2. Get Clear On What You Want: Now that you are beginning a new chapter, it’s critically important that you are precise and intentional on WHY you want to use “pain” to bring some greater benefit. For ex: If you were in an abusive relationship, perhaps your clear objectives are to counsel or coach people who’ve gone through similar experiences to bring restoration and healing so that they, too, can move forward into life.
  3. Take Progressive Action: Now that you have your vision in place, ask yourself what are the next steps to make it happen. The powerful thing about action is that it actually continues the healing process in you because it gives you the courage to confront and face what was once fearful and intimidating. Action is powerful and absolutely liberating.
  4. Silence Your Giants: As soon as you gain resolve and make up your mind that you are going to do something and start moving toward it, there may be challenges that arise. No worries. Usually these giants (fear, procrastination, self-doubt, pity, reliving of past pain, etc.) are just bullies to see how badly do YOU want your dream. Gear up to face your giants head on as they come. Serve notice that they have to vacate immediately, because you are here to stay!
  5. Find Smart Ways To Be Profitable: We’re all in business to be make money, period. The purpose often comes from our pain, in most cases lead us to our passion. And it’s our passion, when we use it to solve a problem through excellent service, guarantees reward and profit in the marketplace. Let your past pain work for you. Leverage it. Let it be your slave as you walk boldly into next levels of wholeness, financial freedom and quality of life.

Bershan1About the Author: Bershan Shaw (@BershanShaw) is the “Warrior Life Coach”, multifaceted entrepreneur and two-time stage four breast cancer survivor who triumphed over cancer and turned her pain into purposeful promise. Today, she touches the world through several connectors, whether though her TV docu-series “Love in the City” on the OWN Network. Her grassroots online community highly popular book “URAWARRIOR, 365 Ways To Challenge You To A Better Life, national speaking engagements conducted throughout the US or multi-city empowerment conference IAMAWARRIOR 180°: Turn Your Life Around.

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