Is Your Small Business Physically Fit?

We all know what it is to get in shape. You look at yourself in the mirror, and see that your favorite outfit is looking tight. Thinking back, you know you have been indulging too much. When I feel that way, I start eating better. I incorporate more salads, stop eating out as much, and […]

Are You Ready To Invest In Your Business Growth?

Every Fall, I host a power-packed event in Philadelphia called Reinvention Weekend. This year, we are headed to Washington, DC area. I created this event, which takes place Oct 14-15, 2016 this year, to give my fans an affordable way to work directly with me on their businesses.  I get so many letters and voicemail messages, […]

Could You Use a Boost to Get Your Small Business Back on Track?

Are you tired of feeling like you are giving your all to your business and you’re still not making the money you want? Well, my mission is to end small business failure, and I have created a special event to help you fix your mindset, your marketing and your money. We all know that profit […]

Melinda F. Emerson Foundation Launches Reinvention Weekend Event in Philadelphia

Nearly, one year ago I launched the Melinda F. Emerson Foundation for Small Business Success. Many of you have been wondering how you can get involved and tap into the resources of the foundation, and now you finally have the chance. Join me in Philadelphia October 12th for Reinvention Weekend. I’m giving 100 worthy […]