Small Businesses Are Not Exempt from Cyber Attacks

Cyber safety is within your grasp. More than 60 percent of business-related cyber attacks happen to small business owners! This doesn’t mean that you need to hire ex-Navy SEALs to protect your organization. However, it does demand more vigilance on your part when it comes to protecting your own — and especially your customers’ — […]

Can I use a potential employee’s social media account in job consideration?

Guest Article The simple answer is Yes! But we aren’t simple people, are we? As the social media landscape expands, society continues to embrace it and share EVERYTHING. I knew social media had turned a corner when my mom jumped on Facebook and started asking me about everything I post. With this new openness, it […]

How to develop an effective job description

Some small businesses fail to create complete job descriptions. They hire people to fill specific roles and tell them what they’re supposed to accomplish every day, but there are no clear, documented guidelines or expectations for each employee to follow. In my opinion, that’s a huge mistake. Written job descriptions are invaluable during the hiring process, […]

How to Source Local Talent For Your Small Business

Guest Article In the digital age communication, collaboration, and creativity are now possible on greater levels, and the way business is conducted has been revitalized. In a world of video conferencing, social media platforms, and all-new tech tools, we are now more connected than ever before. Integrating these tools can enable any business to thrive. […]

How to Keep an Audience Engaged Online

I’m thrilled to say that we are celebrating the 8th anniversary of #SmallBizChat this month. Every week for the past eight years, we have picked the brains of some of the smartest and most successful entrepreneurs out there, across dozens of industries. We have held over 380 tweetchats and branded the hashtag #Smallbizchat, of which […]

Why Your Small Business Needs a Lawyer

When it comes to legal matters, DIY won’t cut it. Sure, you can download forms full of legalese from the internet.  You can Google questions about a potential lawsuit or legal issue. However, a legal misstep can effectively put an end to your small business, so why would you put it in the hands of […]

How to Maintain Your Company Culture with Rapid Growth

In theory, scaling your business is a good thing. You increase revenues, grow your client base, and probably expand your staff. But with rapid growth, there are often growing pains within your company. Some areas of your business might suffer, such as your company culture. When your business is small, you may have found it […]

How to Avoid a Thief in Your Small Business

Guest Post I recently wrapped up yet another significant fraud examination for a small business client who trusted her bookkeeper infinitely. Sadly, all too often, the thief in your company is just that – the person my clients keep closest. Someone in their inner circle. Someone they keep company with. All the red flags were […]