How to Handle Unhappy Customers in Your Small Business

Sometimes you just want to hang up. Unhappy customers are part of running a small business. No matter how pleasant your personality or your service delivery someone will eventually criticize your product, staff, packaging, or even your response to their complaint. So how do you respond to unhappy customers in your small business? Part of […]

Don’t Take Customer Feedback For Granted

Sponsored Post If you’re pulling your hair out because your marketing campaigns aren’t doing as well as you hoped they would, it’s time to consider the reasons why you’re struggling. There’s a reason why Big Data is a hot buzzword right now: data can be tremendously useful in helping you create marketing campaigns that do hit the mark. It […]

How To Grow Your Business Using Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

Customer satisfaction is an important element of small business growth for more reasons than the most obvious. But how do you measure customer satisfaction? Conducting a customer survey is not an end in itself. It is only the beginning of a process that should show you actionable ways to improve your business. Surveys that measure customer satisfaction […]

How to Use CRM to Really Connect With Your Customers

Sponsored Post Customer relationships are at the core of your business. When you nurture relationships with your customers, you help them connect with your brand. By leveraging a customer relationship management (CRM) solution, you can stay connected with your customers on a deeper level, increasing the chances that you will keep them as customers for […]

Would CRM Software Benefit Your Small Business?

There are few arenas where small businesses have the upper hand over their larger counterparts. One area where they shine is in building and managing customer relationships. The friendly neighborhood restaurateur, or local shopkeeper, hold special places in the hearts of local customers. However, much like anything else, more and more customer relationships are becoming […]

How Small Businesses Can Increase Their Level of Service

Every week as SmallBizLady, I conduct interviews with experts on my Twitter talk show #SmallBizChat. The show takes place every Wednesday on Twitter from 8-9 pm ET. This is excerpted from my recent interview with @MichelFalcon – Michel Falcon is a customer and employee experience coach and professionally represented keynote speaker. He works with organizations who aspire to […]

Three Ways to Increase Ecommerce Customer Engagement

Guest Article Since its inception, online shopping has been steadily gaining market share. Analysts credit a better overall online shopping experience and savvy promotions for the steady increase in sales for ecommerce sites. While the upswing in online shopping is good news for ecommerce merchants, it’s also true that competition levels are increasing, both from […]

How to Build a Business Relationship

Now, too often, people think building a business relationship is how you get the business, but I’m here to you that the sale is really the beginning of the relationship. Anyone will buy something once, but in order to stay in business, you need repeat business. I recently had a situation with one of my […]

How to Shorten the Sales Cycle in Your Small Business

In business, sales never come as fast as you want or need them to. You must learn how to weed out unqualified leads, have confidence and remove your fear of selling for good.  But, to do this you must have a sales process. The key lesson I learned is the gap between getting a prospect […]

7 Ways to Attract Customers to Your Small Business

When it comes to doing business these days, the deal is – no one wants to be sold to. You must give consistently to eventually get business, especially if you are a professional service business. Here are my 7 ways to attract customers to a small business It’s all about service. You must first try […]