Alibaba wants to teach you how to sell in China

E-Commerce giant Alibaba wants to teach U.S. small businesses how to sell to Chinese consumers. Why now, you ask? In the 1987 film, Wall Street, character Gordon Gekko infamously declared, “Greed is good.” But these days, if your business model is selling online, and you are publicly traded on Wall Street, the updated version of that […]

How web analytics goals makes your online business better

So you may already imagine what a goal is, but if you’re still wondering how exactly does goal setting in web analytics help your business, you’re in for a treat – this post will show some basics and answer that question to make your site a working asset for your business. How web analytics goals […]

Increasing Your Online Sales Part 1

Sales is about trust and transparency, right? With all the media conversations about how Twitter and Facebook are impacting small business owners, that may be obvious. But with all the discussion about conversation, don’t lose track of the direct paths to sales. Don’t get soft and focus on conversation for its own sake. You can […]