5 Steps to Take When Your Small Business is in Tax Trouble

Guest Post Every week, there’s another celebrity, athlete, business owner, or even next door neighbor in tax trouble. Millions of American taxpayers are dealing with tax debt hanging over their heads and concerned about how it will affect their future. Many people get in tax trouble for a number of reasons. They lose the paperwork, […]

Discovering The Path to Profitability in Your Small Business

Every entrepreneur needs to focus on growing profits for their small business. Just because you can pencil profit into the financial projections doesn’t mean it will automatically come to fruition. As an entrepreneur you have to commit fully to “minding your own business” to generate the profits that you seek. Here are several strategies I […]

How to Survive in Small Business with Limited Capital

It’s not easy running a small business with limited capital. If you are just starting out a new business venture, the challenges are even greater. Limited capital is the single biggest factor in determining how much you can, and cannot do to meet the needs of your customers. Having limited funds does not need to […]

How to Better Manage Your Money in Your Small Business

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When it comes to running a small business, it’s all about how you manage the money.  Even profitable companies can be doomed by poor cash flow, and it’s not a rare phenomenon. Struggling to collect payments from clients, and having invoices that linger for more than 90 days are shockingly common problems for small business […]

How to Save Money to Start Your Dream Business

If you follow this blog, you know that I preach that you must start saving aggressively while you are planning to start a business. I am always thrilled to hear about ideas people have for a business, but the bottom-line is people who have savings/assets have options for starting a business. No savings = No […]

How to Save Time and Money In Your Small Business

Time is the most valuable thing you can give anyone especially for entrepreneurs.  Last week, I spoke with Sage CEO Stephen Kelly, about how to help entrepreneurs save time and money, because time is money in business, Right?  Here’s a link to our Youtube chat.  New research commissioned by Sage shows that entrepreneurs worldwide put […]

How to Write a Business Plan Part III

You have developed your business model and your marketing plan. Now, in Part III of my four-part series on how to write a business plan, it’s time to develop your operations plan, budget and sales projections. This is where you go from dreamer to business owner, folks! If your business is not designed to make money, […]