Plan Your Ideal Life, Not Your Ideal Business

Guest Article The best advice I got when I was starting my own business was “plan for the life you want, not the job you want.” I found myself facing the very problem many women entrepreneurs struggle with–we allow ourselves to be defined by our employment, and forget that the life we pursue is so […]

How to Develop a Life Plan for Your Small Business

So you’ve got your business plan. You’ve got your marketing plan. Heck, you’ve even got a blogging plan. But, what your business needs first, before all of these, is a life plan. No, you won’t see “life plan” on most small business sites, because it’s of my own invention. What I mean when I say […]

In Just 365 Days You Can Become Your Own Boss

If you have always wanted to become your own boss, now is a great time. I realize that you are probably saying to yourself a year, Really? But trust me, 12 months is a reasonable and realistic timeframe to make your transition from employee to entrepreneur. You will want to take the time to plan […]

Is Your Life Plan Working For You?

I am a firm believer that you need a life plan before you ever write a business plan.  Your life plan is your big picture vision for your life.  Your reasons for starting your business should be to fulfill your life plan. It’s also a step in business planning that is often overlooked. Why is […]

Your GPS To Start a Small Business

Most people dream about owning a small business. You may have had a “notion” for years that someday you would be CEO of a company, successful beyond your wildest dreams. Turning that dream into reality is an evolutionary process, involving not only having a solid business idea, but also understanding the “business of running a business.” Then […]