Startup Marketing for New Entrepreneurs

Guest Article Starting a new business is an exciting and exhilarating affair, but it comes packed with a lot of risks and challenges. The ‘newcomer’s luck’ won’t play in favor as one believes, and the overnight success stories you may have heard about were actually of those who were there behind the scenes for years […]

How to Find the Perfect Business to Start

I get asked a lot by wannabe entrepreneurs: what business should I start? Often people really want to go into business, but they don’t know which direction to go. Some people want an instant formula for small business success, but the answer is:   It depends. Entrepreneurship is as different as the people who run […]

6 Hiring Tips for Your Startup

Guest Article If you recently launched a startup, congratulations – it’s a bold decision that deserves to be praised. While it’s true that an entrepreneurial venture can survive in any economic environment, today’s rocky landscape is going to put yours to the test. Apart from a solid business plan, the one thing that’s absolutely essential to […]

What Do I Really Need to Start My Small Business?

I always get asked the question – what do I really need to start my small business? To get started, focus on the basics. The key is to generate revenue as quickly as possible. You can add all the bells and whistles as the company grows. If you think you’re ready to become your own […]

SmallBizLady: Help I Need to Start My Small Business Now!

This is a call or email that I often get from people who had recently lost a job and have been thinking about starting a business, but want to get it rolling right away.  If you’re ready to be your own boss, but not sure how to start, I’ve put together a cheat sheet that […]