How to Sell on Facebook


It stands to reason that the more places you sell your products, the more you will sell, Right? In addition to selling products on your own e-commerce website and may be advantageous to pursue online marketplaces like Facebook, Amazon, or Etsy where you can also sell your products through social media. With more than 1.5 […]

7 Ways to Compete for Your Target Audience with Facebook Ads


As Facebook’s reach continues to expand, more and more small businesses have Facebook Pages. In fact, a whopping 30 million businesses have a presence on Facebook. Facebook maintains its advantage in providing you with a great way to organically interact with a sophisticated and active audience. One of the best ways to leverage the social […]

How to do Facebook Ads for Business

  On Facebook, 850 million people spend more than 350 minutes a month hanging out online. To some, it may be how they keep in touch with college friends, the way new moms share photos with family, or where sports fans go to cheer on their team and connect with other fans around the world. […]