Increasing Your Online Sales Part 2


Last time, in Part 1 of Increasing Your Online Sales, we talked about 3 ways to increase your online sales, which had to do with building and managing your site properly. This post I’m going to share some great tools for doing testing yourself. I’ll also share some ways to collect information on your site and how to distribute your content better. First, testing intimidates most small biz owners. It’s time consuming. It can be complicated. But these tools make it fairly easy and … [Read more...]

Increasing Your Online Sales Part 1

TJ McCue

Sales is about trust and transparency, right? With all the media conversations about how Twitter and Facebook are impacting small business owners, that may be obvious. But with all the discussion about conversation, don’t lose track of the direct paths to sales. Don’t get soft and focus on conversation for its own sake. You can be trustworthy and transparent and still be about the sale. Just about every time I’m asked about the best way to increase sales on the web, these three points are … [Read more...]