7 Ways to Drive Organic Search Traffic to Your Small Business Website

With Google changing the algorithm frequently and keyword changing every 4-6 weeks depending on what you sell, it’s a cutthroat world when it comes to climbing to page one of search results these days. Your small business is competing with bigger brands with deeper pockets who can afford major SEO budgets. The big boys spend […]

8 Ways to Boost Traffic to Your Small Business Website

When planning your small business marketing mix, your website is the most important element. Many people think it’s a brochure or business card, but in today’s marketplace the first thing people do when make a buying decision is search online. So your #1 job is to make sure that potential customers can find you on […]

How to Keep People From Leaving Your Website

It doesn’t matter how much website traffic you’re getting, if those visits aren’t yielding positive results for your business, what is the point? After spending time, energy, money and love on your website it can be frustrating when it doesn’t start paying you back. Here are a few ways to diagnose what’s happening and how […]