Who’s on #Smallbizchat March 2017

#Smallbizchat is a weekly conversation where small business owners can get answers to their questions. The focus of #Smallbizchat is to end small business failure by helping participants succeed as your own boss. Please join us live on Twitter every Wednesday 8-9 pm ET. Here’s how: follow @SmallBizChat on Twitter and follow the hashtag #Smallbizchat […]

How To Create Big-Bucks Content Without Breaking the Budget

Sponsored Post Many small businesses believe creating high quality content is too expensive and time consuming. Only big companies have the budget to employ someone just to write up pages for a website, right? It’s true that many big companies spend the big bucks on hiring staff with the sole purpose of keeping their websites […]

Don’t Take Customer Feedback For Granted

Sponsored Post If you’re pulling your hair out because your marketing campaigns aren’t doing as well as you hoped they would, it’s time to consider the reasons why you’re struggling. There’s a reason why Big Data is a hot buzzword right now: data can be tremendously useful in helping you create marketing campaigns that do hit the mark. It […]

Get Your Creative Juices Flowing: New Year Creative Team Inspiration

Sponsored Post Image Credit As we to enter a new year, you might feel renewed, refreshed and ready to hit the ground running! Maybe you’re chock full of inspiration, new ideas and resolutions to make this year great. Or, like some of us, you might feel a little burned out from holiday festivities, end of […]

CRM Doesn’t Have to be Industry Specific and Here’s Why…

Sponsored Post Image credit If you’ve decided that you need a customer relationship management system or (CRM), chances are, you’re exploring and weighing the many different options available to you. You’ve probably found some interesting industry specific CRM options out there. Or maybe you’re using a CRM system already, and would like to better customize […]

How to Use CRM to Really Connect With Your Customers

Sponsored Post Customer relationships are at the core of your business. When you nurture relationships with your customers, you help them connect with your brand. By leveraging a customer relationship management (CRM) solution, you can stay connected with your customers on a deeper level, increasing the chances that you will keep them as customers for […]

How Using a CRM Can Grow Your Small Business

 Sponsored Post Customer relationship management (CRM) has been growing steadily for years, and by next year, the industry is expected to hit $36.5 billion worldwide. Sharing information is critical to business operations. Silos of information create loss—both in knowledge sharing and in bottom line profits—because they create gaps in your business that your customers feel. CRMs […]

It’s National Small Business Week; Time to Celebrate

This week marks a high holiday on the small business annual calendar. It’s the biggest celebrations for small businesses in the U.S. It’s National Small Business Week! All over the country, there will be meetups, workshops, Tweetchats, and free events to help business owners like you launch or grow your business.   What’s National Small […]

5 Things You Can Do to Maximize Your CRM System

Sponsored Post   The best CRM solutions are the ones that are used. It’s a simple concept; however depending on the types of technology adopters (personality types) at play in your small business, getting buy-in from your co-workers to use the company CRM software can present some challenges. Here are 5 things you can do […]