How to Brand Your YouTube Channel

If you’re serious about leveraging social media marketing to grow your business, you can’t afford to ignore using video and YouTube is the best option out there. With more than 1.3 billion users, YouTube is the second most searching website on the internet. It offers you the opportunity to expand your audience significantly and drive […]

How to Create Great How-To Videos for Your Small Business

Video is hot online, YouTube is the second highest search engine on the internet, so you need to figure how to incorporate original video content into your content marketing strategy. How-to videos are most popular among video searches.  So, how do you create a great how-to video for your small business?  As a former TV producer in my past career […]

It’s Time to Update Your YouTube Profile

In June, YouTube is rolling out its newest feature; and if you haven’t already done so, it’s time to finally get a branded YouTube channel. Video is clicked on 41% more often than other content online.  There are estimates that by 2014, 90% of all content shared online will be video, so it’s time for […]

10 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Small Business

Sponsored Post A New Year is a great opportunity to make a new start in your business. If you had a great year in 2012, congratulations and keep the momentum going! If you were thrilled to see 2012 go, now is the time to build a plan so that you can make 2013 the best […]

5 Ways to Ensure Small Business Success on YouTube

Eye appeal is buy appeal. We know this to be true and spend countless time on our appearance, store fronts, marketing, advertising, and branding as a result. Yet many of us ignore the power of video as a way to engage eye appeal at the highest level. There is a place you can advertise yourself […]

7 Must Use Social Media Platforms to Grow Your Small Business

The best way to promote your business online is through social media platforms. 78% of people trust peer recommendations, whereas only 14% trust ads. Just think about how often you’ve tried something based on someone else telling you that it’s worth checking out. Having a great online presence on the right platforms not only makes […]