How To Use Budgeting To Save Your Business

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Guest Article As this year nears closer and closer to the end, you have to start thinking about your budget for next year.   It continues to amaze me how many businesses don’t want to create a budget.  They would rather operate their business blindly than to create a profitable plan so they can prosper in […]

How to Participate in Globalization As a Small Business Owner

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Guest Article As a small business owner, globalization presents an opportunity for growth, expansion and investing abroad. Although many small businesses are learning how globalization can significantly expand and impact their business operations, some are still hesitant to embrace this new business opportunity. Globalization and investing are equivalent in many ways and work together simultaneously; […]

Strategic Planning for the Next Owner of Your Business

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Guest Article This is the time of year when business owners are budgeting for next year and planning strategic decisions for the future. Those decisions may involve pursuing a new product, upgrading an IT system or opening a new location. When making strategic planning decisions, are you — the business owner — considering the impact […]

Lessons From the Frontlines with Brian Smith, UGG Australia Founder

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Guest Article I recently had the opportunity to pick the brain of a business legend Brian Smith, the founder and creator of UGG Australia, which is a billion dollar brand here in the US. I asked him to share what they don’t teach you in business school about running a small business. Here’s what Brian […]

Why Passion Alone Isn’t Enough to Succeed in Business

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Guest Article Passion may inspire your business, but planning will save it. Passion is an overused buzzword for small business owners: “I have a passion for coaching/financial planning/auto repair/marketing/real estate.” Is your passion enough to build a thriving business? No, you need to make sure your business has a profit center and a plan for […]

5 Leadership Traits That Do More Harm Than Good

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Guest Article Smart companies know that the x-factor to success starts with great leadership. Systems, products, services and branding count, but when there’s no one to drive the massive vehicle of business properly, a crash is soon to come. Oddly enough, leadership has been under fire, especially in America. Last year, Forbes’ Steve Denning openly […]

How Google My Business Works for Your Small Business

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Guest Article Google recently rolled out an upgrade to the Google+ dashboard called Google My Business.  Active Google+ users may have noticed this upgrade in the top right hand corner of their Google+ page next to the +Name and before the notifications bell.  The icon appears as a small set of nine squares and when […]

Five Reasons You Could be Paying Your Web Team Too Much

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Guest Article Expensive websites don’t always mean quality websites. Here are five things that should make you squint a little harder when reading the fine print of your website contract: 1) Your web coder is also your host provider A good number of web developers like to clump their services together. They will offer to […]

Make More Than A Hi-Tech Worker

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Guest Article Here’s A Business That Requires No Education and Training, You Can Make More Than A Hi-Tech Worker and Get A Discount On A New Car The internet changed the jobs picture in America and created new money making opportunities along with it.  People drive taxi cabs today and put up with the low […]

5 Tips for Turning Great Ideas into Products

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Guest Article It’s no secret that discovering that one great product idea is an arduous journey in itself. Many people spend months and years hunting for that great idea and for many, it seems like the most difficult part of the invention process. Unfortunately, conceiving that great idea is only the beginning of a very […]