How to Develop a Small Business Brand

How to Develop a Small Business Brand

Guest Article Branding is a very important part of every business. When you think of brands, there are likely a few that come to mind first such as the world’s famous soft drink companies, shoe makers, car manufacturers, stores and other huge corporations. Even if your small business isn’t listed in the Fortune 500 (yet), branding can […]

The Small Business Anti-Diva Guide to Startups

The Small Business Anti-Diva Guide to Startups

Guest Article Women in business are a wonderful thing, but divas in business simply are not.  There is zero room for attitude and personal demands as the founder of a startup small business.  If you plan on the entrepreneurial community catering to your every whim, you will fail before you even begin. To launch a […]

After Sales Service: The Key to Long-Term Growth

After Sales Service The Key to Long-Term Growth

Guest Article The success of every business is based upon relationships.  When I started my commercial real estate company more than forty-five years ago, it took me a month to raise my first $5,000 of capital.  Today I raise $1,000,000 with one email.  Why?  Strong relationships; which I have built by providing continuing after sales […]

How to Use Testimonials to Get More Clients


Guest Article One of the most effective ways to sell your products and services is with customer testimonials. Potential customers are really not that interested in your passion, expertise or your belief that your work changes lives in the marketplace. It’s about hearing from those who have gotten benefits from your work and are willing to […]

5 Ways to SEO Power Your Blog


Guest Article You are taking all levels of effort to make sure your blog is branded, engaging and consistent, but are you powering it with SEO tactics to fuel an engagement from the most important of Internet entities – Google? Google loves to scour blogs and is happy (yes, happy) to reward genuine ‘white hat’ […]

How to Conduct a SWOT Analysis on Your Small Business


Guest Article A good business leader needs to know where they are strongest and where they are weakest in the course of their everyday operations. Understanding what aspects of a company that are pulling their weight and what aspects of a company have been underperforming is easier said than done, however. The SWOT analysis, which […]

5 Steps to Managing Staff Departures


Guest Article As a business owner, there will come a time when you will need to manage a staff departure.  Employees can resign to move on to better opportunities or because they are disgruntled. Some retire and others you may have to fire. Whatever the reasons for staff departures, here are five steps that will […]

3 Questions to Ask During Your Social Media Audit

Guest Article Now that everyone’s well on the “Social media bandwagon,” it’s time for the savvy entrepreneur to access their position with their online marketing to see where they stand. Traditionally, you would perform a “Social Media Audit” as you are launching a social media campaign to understand what your competition is doing and get […]