5 Tips for Small Business Owners at Tax Time


It’s tax season and if you operate a small business, it can be an even more stressful time, especially during the first year or two after starting your company. What many people don’t realize is that there are actually a lot of tactics that make tax time a little easier, and even work in your […]

Why PPC Should Be Included In Your Online Marketing Strategy


PPC or pay-per-click advertising should be considered for any small business.internet marketing strategy. PPC offers some unique advantages over other types of marketing campaigns. The most common type of PPC advertising is Google AdWords. In this model, the company selects keywords for popular Google search phrases, and then bids on them when Google users use […]

How to Select a CRM System for Your Small Business


Sponsored Post Conceptualizing, launching, and operating a small business is a time and labor-intensive endeavor. Getting caught up in the day-to-day activities takes your attention in many directions. Still the risks are worth the potential rewards, not just for the financial gains, but also for the fact that you have a direct impact on your […]

How to Incorporate – 5 Simple Steps with Instructions


Choosing how a business is organized may be one of the most important decisions a business makes. Incorporating is often the wisest decision for small business owners. Some of those benefits are saving on taxes, protecting personal property, and letting customers know they’re giving their business to a legal, established company. Each business should carefully […]

5 Mileage Mistakes That Are Costing You Money


Sponsored Post Most small business owners and self-employed professionals know that they SHOULD track the miles they drive for business, yet few actually do a consistent job of keeping an accurate mileage log. With the 2016 IRS mileage rate set at 54 cents per mile, this is a tax deduction that can add up to […]

7 Mobile Apps to Maintain Your Work-Life Balance


We all know the importance of a healthy work-life balance and also the fact that it is not so easy to achieve. Despite knowing the rules, enforcing them in our routines it really tough. And amidst all the crazy scheduling the only device that stays with you at most times is your smartphone. What if […]

How Can Direct Mail Help Your New Product Launch?


Direct mail has been the chosen marketing technique for millions of companies across the globe for several decades. With businesses over using email, direct mail offers a means of clear communication with a target audience that can help your business stand out. Direct mail campaigns can also be cost effective, especially if you know your […]