How Your Small Business Can Create a Highly Engaged Organization

Guest Article I’ve always had a keen interest in helping small, diverse and disadvantaged businesses. I’ve found that when given the opportunity to compete in a fair and transparent environment, these companies are very successful at winning new business when going “head-to-head” with larger organizations.  And it makes sense that they would.  Their very makeup […]

5 Tech Trends Every Small Business Needs To Follow

­­Guest Article Technology is the future of business. There is absolutely no doubt that the next five years or so will bring big changes in technological trends that will shape the way people buy and sell, and subsequently, how and where entrepreneurs do business. Whether you are thinking about business applications or marketing methods, it […]

How Can Seasonal Businesses Better Manage Cash Flow?

Guest Article While there are many advantages to running a seasonal business, one of the primary challenges is managing cash flow – having enough money on hand to get ready for the busy season, making the most of the revenue generated in season, and having enough money on hand to survive in the off season. […]

3 Lessons to Beat the Fear While Starting Your Small Business

Guest Article How many times have you thought that life would be easier if you worked for yourself? Or perhaps your time more productive and outcomes more impactful if you avoided a lengthy commute, strict working hours, or conflicts with managers? It took me more than three jobs, many frustrating bosses, and a clear need […]

Your 10-Step Mid-Year Small Business Check-Up

Guest Article For small business owners, early July is a great time to assess how the year is shaping up, make adjustments that boost revenue or reduce expenses, and take advantage of new opportunities. But how do you get started and what should you focus on? The Business Advisory Services team at Excelsior Growth Fund […]

5 Costly Payroll Mistakes SMBs Should Avoid

Guest Article Payroll is hard enough in a company of one. Anyone who has grown a business from their individual desk to multiple employees knows managing timesheets, invoicing, and worst of all, taxes, is not an easy burden to bear. The larger your business grows, the bigger that burden becomes—and so too does the room […]

How to Source Local Talent For Your Small Business

Guest Article In the digital age communication, collaboration, and creativity are now possible on greater levels, and the way business is conducted has been revitalized. In a world of video conferencing, social media platforms, and all-new tech tools, we are now more connected than ever before. Integrating these tools can enable any business to thrive. […]

How to Make Serious Money on Amazon

Guest Article What started as an online bookstore has turned into one of the largest companies in the world covering businesses that range from books to transoceanic shipping to video streaming.  It also empowers entrepreneurs to make a great deal of money by providing an online shopping platform. There are many different ways to make […]

Three Things You Must Tell Yourself Today

Guest Article In Rule #1 Don’t Be #2 I share the incredibly valuable lessons I’ve learned on my path to achieving great and lasting success.  Among the most critical, but one I find most people overlook, is the importance of keeping your self-talk positive. As the sole architect of your destiny, you need to make […]

5 Factors to Consider Before Investing in Property for Your Business

Guest Article As a business, there are many pressures on your financial resources. In order to grow, you need to make a profit. But you also need to invest in your business. Is property still a shrewd financial investment and is it something a business should consider? For many, investing in property is seen as […]