The Lifeline of Your Business: 5 Rules to Loving Your Sales CRM

5 Rules to Loving Your Sales CRM

Guest Article Don’t hate your sales CRM.  It’s your friend.  Really it is.  An effective CRM – Customer Relationship Management – system can be the lifeline of your business.  I have had the pleasure of using five different CRM systems (plus spreadsheets, notebooks, and my good old memory) over the last 15 years.  Quite frankly, I think CRM systems are required by law to bring some level of pain and misery to all of their users.  However, learning to live in harmony with your sales CRM will … [Read more...]

Small Business Tax Tips for Last Minute Filers

Small Business Tax Tips for Last Minute Filers

Guest Article Depending on where you live, a good majority has already witnessed wild weather patterns since the New Year. According to most calendars though, spring has officially sprung! And according to Uncle Sam, the time of the dreadful deadline draws nigh. Now, hold your horses, before you gallop into a frantic frenzy, we’d like to share a few valuable tips to help you in tax planning, preparation and preventative maintenance: 1. Filing Extension.  The IRS requires each taxpayer to … [Read more...]

5 Common Sales Tax Mistakes in Small Businesses

5 Common Sales Taxes Mistakes in Small Businesses

Guest Article One of the easiest ways to burn through hundreds of thousands of hard earned dollars without a match, lighter or incendiary device is by simply not paying attention to your sales tax filings. If you run a startup, and you are selling some products or services and you aren’t managing your sales taxes, eventually you will burn hard-earned cash on penalties, fines and back taxes. Unlike with income tax, which you have to pay out of pocket regardless of when it is remitted, with … [Read more...]