How and When to Protect Your Intellectual Property in Your Small Business


Every business starts out from an idea. No matter where you are in the stage of solidifying your business idea or executing your business plan, intellectual property is a substantial part of the plan and you want to  timely and correctly protect this valuable asset, especially as you try to get your endeavor off the […]

How to Beat the Mid-Campaign Curse in your Crowdfunding Campaign


If you’ve ever started a crowdfunding or fundraising campaign before, you likely know about the mid-campaign curse. Most crowdfunding and fundraising campaigns start strong only to struggle until the last few days, but that doesn’t have to happen to your campaign. Months of buildup and pre-launch buzz ensure good fundraising over the first couple of […]

How To Investigate A Business Customer’s Credit


Guest Article You have a new customer and they want to pay after you deliver your product or service. Essentially they are asking you to extend them credit. Like every bank that lends money, you should check your customer’s credit to make sure they have the financial capability to pay you when the time comes. […]

3 SEO Tactics Could Get You Kicked Out of Google


Guest Article Ever dabbled in SEO before? You know, Search Engine Optimization? It’s a way to use content to try to get more organic traffic from search engines like Google. If you have, you might have experience with the spectrum that is everything you can do to allegedly help your site rise in the search […]

What Every Small Business Should Know About Digital Crime


Guest Article It seems like every few weeks has revealed another major hacking case, where a group of malicious agents break into the computer system of a major company or government agency and steal the personal information of workers or customers. All kinds of companies seem to be at risk for these kinds of attacks, […]

4 Ways Business Owners Can Use Time Tracking Software


Guest Article Keeping track of time is an important element of success for a company of any size. Without proper time tracking it is impossible to know how employees use their work time and allocate areas of workflow that need improvement. In order to benefit from time tracking, you have to find the tool that […]

How to Use Google+ to Increase Organic Search Traffic


Guest Article Google+ is Integrated with Google Search We’ve all heard Google+ is a ghost town. While strictly speaking this is not true (per, as of March 2015 Google+ has more users than Twitter), it’s also not relevant. Google+ has one advantage the other social media platforms lack, and that is the rules for […]

Initiative: The Silent Partner In Success


Guest Article Too many people are waiting for someone to come along and tell them what to do. And yet, behind every success, there is a person who took initiative. They got out of bed each morning, roaring to accomplish something. As comedian George Burns noted, “Don’t stay in bed, unless you can make money […]

How to Write Emails That Will be Read


Guest Article In today’s digital age, it’s not uncommon to send and receive hundreds of emails on a daily basis. If you have your own business, it’s a fantastic opportunity to introduce your company to prospective clients. Getting people to actually read your emails, however, is another matter. For anyone who wants to send effective […]