What Every Small Business Should Know About Digital Crime


Guest Article It seems like every few weeks has revealed another major hacking case, where a group of malicious agents break into the computer system of a major company or government agency and steal the personal information of workers or customers. All kinds of companies seem to be at risk for these kinds of attacks, […]

4 Ways Business Owners Can Use Time Tracking Software


Guest Article Keeping track of time is an important element of success for a company of any size. Without proper time tracking it is impossible to know how employees use their work time and allocate areas of workflow that need improvement. In order to benefit from time tracking, you have to find the tool that […]

How to Use Google+ to Increase Organic Search Traffic


Guest Article Google+ is Integrated with Google Search We’ve all heard Google+ is a ghost town. While strictly speaking this is not true (per Statista.com, as of March 2015 Google+ has more users than Twitter), it’s also not relevant. Google+ has one advantage the other social media platforms lack, and that is the rules for […]

Initiative: The Silent Partner In Success


Guest Article Too many people are waiting for someone to come along and tell them what to do. And yet, behind every success, there is a person who took initiative. They got out of bed each morning, roaring to accomplish something. As comedian George Burns noted, “Don’t stay in bed, unless you can make money […]

How to Write Emails That Will be Read


Guest Article In today’s digital age, it’s not uncommon to send and receive hundreds of emails on a daily basis. If you have your own business, it’s a fantastic opportunity to introduce your company to prospective clients. Getting people to actually read your emails, however, is another matter. For anyone who wants to send effective […]

5 Social Media Tools that Will Increase Your Productivity


Guest Article Generating results from social media takes time. However, as a small business owner, time is our most important commodity. Whether you are managing social media accounts or one of your employees, you should always aim to maximize productivity. Here are 5 social media tools that will increase your productivity: LikeAlyzer Facebook’s evolving algorithm […]

Useful Recruitment Tips for Small Businesses


Guest Article Recruiting staff for a small business can be quite complicated and challenging. Balancing the budget is the biggest challenge faced by most startups. They are likely to spend way too much on attracting and hiring employees. Here are some useful recruitment tips for small business owners: Define your hiring strategy: Avoid large hiring […]

How To Find a Small Business Mentor


Guest Article Small business is challenging and adventurous, but sometimes it requires help from experienced entrepreneurs to get off the ground. The best mentors in any field are the professionals with proven track records in their industries. In other words, a small business mentor needs to be someone who has successfully run a company and […]

How To Select The Right Social Media Platform For Your Target Market


Guest Article A myriad of social media platforms exist on the internet nowadays, each appealing to a slightly different demographic and range of interests. Effectively leveraging the relevant platforms can be a huge boon to any business, but there is a careful balance to be struck between effective social media use and spreading yourself too […]