Make More Than A Hi-Tech Worker

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Guest Article Here’s A Business That Requires No Education and Training, You Can Make More Than A Hi-Tech Worker and Get A Discount On A New Car The internet changed the jobs picture in America and created new money making opportunities along with it.  People drive taxi cabs today and put up with the low […]

5 Tips for Turning Great Ideas into Products

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Guest Article It’s no secret that discovering that one great product idea is an arduous journey in itself. Many people spend months and years hunting for that great idea and for many, it seems like the most difficult part of the invention process. Unfortunately, conceiving that great idea is only the beginning of a very […]

Smart Ideas for a Home Office for Stay-at-Home Parents

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Guest Article Home offices are now more popular than ever – many jobs don’t require a full-time presence in the office and an increasing number of stay-at-home parents decide to run their own businesses. Depending on your profession, home offices can take a number of different shapes. Here are some smart ideas for all those […]

How to Attract and Keep Customers for a Small Business

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Guest Article In this article, we’ll focus on some of the effective ways to tap new customers and never lose them. Here are my six best tips to attract and keep customers for a small business. Make time for Networking Let people in your community know that your business has a face. Don’t just spend […]

6 Hiring Tips for Your Startup

5 Hiring Tips for Your Startup

Guest Article If you recently launched a startup, congratulations – it’s a bold decision that deserves to be praised. While it’s true that an entrepreneurial venture can survive in any economic environment, today’s rocky landscape is going to put yours to the test. Apart from a solid business plan, the one thing that’s absolutely essential to […]

5 Things Business Owners Should Know To Avoid Expensive Mistakes

5 Things Business Owners Should Know To Avoid Expensive Mistakes

Guest Article Do you have your own small business? One of the toughest things to do is run a business, especially if you have never done it before. Whether you are a veteran at your business or starting something new, here are a few things that you need to know to avoid expensive mistakes: 1)   No one […]

6 Real-World Small Business Networking Tips You Can’t Do Without

6 Real-World Small Business Networking Tips You Can’t Do Without

Guest Article Social media and online networking now take up a significant amount of time for the modern day entrepreneur. With huge numbers of businesses now promoting themselves online, it becomes ever more difficult to stand out from the crowd and be heard above all the noise. Here are six real-world small business networking tips […]

How to Develop a Small Business Brand

How to Develop a Small Business Brand

Guest Article Branding is a very important part of every business. When you think of brands, there are likely a few that come to mind first such as the world’s famous soft drink companies, shoe makers, car manufacturers, stores and other huge corporations. Even if your small business isn’t listed in the Fortune 500 (yet), branding can […]

The Small Business Anti-Diva Guide to Startups

The Small Business Anti-Diva Guide to Startups

Guest Article Women in business are a wonderful thing, but divas in business simply are not.  There is zero room for attitude and personal demands as the founder of a startup small business.  If you plan on the entrepreneurial community catering to your every whim, you will fail before you even begin. To launch a […]

After Sales Service: The Key to Long-Term Growth

After Sales Service The Key to Long-Term Growth

Guest Article The success of every business is based upon relationships.  When I started my commercial real estate company more than forty-five years ago, it took me a month to raise my first $5,000 of capital.  Today I raise $1,000,000 with one email.  Why?  Strong relationships; which I have built by providing continuing after sales […]