7 Business Ideas For The Shoestring Budget

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In the past couple of years we’ve witnessed the growth of literally hundreds of businesses that started with a few guys in their college dorm or in their parents’ garage. Tune in to Shark Tank any night and you’ll see at least one group of kids who took some idea they funded with the money […]

How Using a CRM Can Grow Your Small Business


 Sponsored Post Customer relationship management (CRM) has been growing steadily for years, and by next year, the industry is expected to hit $36.5 billion worldwide. Sharing information is critical to business operations. Silos of information create loss—both in knowledge sharing and in bottom line profits—because they create gaps in your business that your customers feel. CRMs […]

10 Things NOT To Do When Interviewing Potential New Hires


Interviewing for new staff is something that some enjoy but other business owners really loathe this process. Whilst it excites some employers to grill potential new hires and imagine how they can drive the company forward, others see it as nothing more than a necessary evil that takes up too much of their time. If […]

5 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs Social Media Now


Sponsored Post   The latest Spark Business Barometer, a study sponsored by Capital One Spark Business, reports that 40% of small business owners are still not using social media to grow. More than 400 entrepreneurs were interviewed via phone for the study, of which, 67 percent had five or fewer employees. Further, only 21 percent […]

How to Develop An Effective E-Commerce Strategy


According to emarketer, worldwide retail sales (both in-store and internet purchases) will reach $28.300 trillion in 2018. Thanks to the exponential growth in the use of portable devices such as smartphones and tablets, the retail industry has (and continues to) witness a huge shift towards ecommerce. According to Forrester research, “In 2012, ecommerce had a […]

6 Things to Have Before You Start your Own Business


There’s so much to learn in the entrepreneurial world, sometimes a little too much! Different modes of information keep spraying all kinds of statistics and breakthrough marketing updates; this surge of information is way too confusing! Who do I listen to and what do I follow? If you feel that way too, then look no […]