How to Generate More Sales For Your Small Business in 2013

Day 19: 31 Ways to Boost Your Small Business in 2013

Want next year to be your best year ever? If so, here are 5 strategies that can double or even triple your revenue in the next twelve months. 1. Sell more to existing customers. Hands down, the easiest place to get more business is with your existing customers. If you’ve “done good” by them, they’ll likely be open to expanding their relationship with you. But don’t sit back and wait for them to get in touch. You need to take the initiative. Put on your thinking cap first. Ask yourself … [Read more...]

Increasing Your Online Sales Part 1

TJ McCue

Sales is about trust and transparency, right? With all the media conversations about how Twitter and Facebook are impacting small business owners, that may be obvious. But with all the discussion about conversation, don’t lose track of the direct paths to sales. Don’t get soft and focus on conversation for its own sake. You can be trustworthy and transparent and still be about the sale. Just about every time I’m asked about the best way to increase sales on the web, these three points are … [Read more...]