What I’ve learned after 18 years in business

To my true amazement, this week marks my 18th year in business, and I must say it’s been a wild ride. In 1999, I was scared to death, I had a laptop, a fax machine and a dream and set up shop in the basement of my house. My neighbor, who was a contractor, came […]

10 Bible Verses Every Small Business Owner Needs for 2017

Last year, I started off reminding you that God has three answers for us all: Yes, not yet, and I have something even better for you. I still believe that this is God’s promise to all of us. He is the center, and no matter what happens he is God all by himself. For 2017, […]

What Kind of Boss Should You Be?

Small business ideas

Most people mulling small business ideas has thought about what kind of boss they want to be. Most of us have had both friendly bosses and more formal ones, and both can be remarkably effective. Whether friendly or aloof, outstanding bosses demonstrate leadership. They’re not about using rewards and punishments to get things done, but […]

10 Bible Verses Every Small Business Owner Needs for 2016

As we embark on a new year, I am struck by two things: Faith is an essential ingredient in success and that the more we love, the more we are given. The common name for what we all do is called business, but it’s bigger than exchanging good and services for money, it’s our calling. […]