How to Handle the Ugly Side of Small Business


Every week as SmallBizLady, I conduct interviews with experts on my Twitter talk show #SmallBizChat. The show takes place every Wednesday on Twitter from 8-9 pm ET. This is excerpted from my recent interview with with @clatemask. Clate Mask is an entrepreneur and co-founder and CEO of Infusionsoft, which makes small business sales and marketing automation […]

How Do You Show Your Customers Love?


Love is in the air this month, and not just for couples. As a business owner, it’s important that you show your customers how much you love and appreciate them, not just around Valentine’s Day, but all year ‘round. Consider whether you’re doing a good job of showing your customers a little love, and put […]

Seven Ways to be More Profitable in Your Small Business


Guest Article Everyone wants to be more profitable. After all, profit is how we keep score in business. It’s not about what you make – it is all about what you keep. Sometimes the simplest ideas can help you increase your profits.  If you’re ready to jumpstart the money making activities in your enterprise, implement […]

Collaboration to End Small Business Failure


I’m taking my book and advice on the road with Sam’s Club, which recently launched great savings on a suite of SMB services including HR, payroll and legal solutions. Sam’s Club has always saluted my core mission: to end small business failure. I will visit seven Sam’s Club locations for public book signings and presentations […]

When is it Time to Move out of Your Home Office?

Couple Drink Coffee

Guest Article Unless you have attracted a large amount of funding prior to launch, the chances are that your new business will be taking its first few steps on the cheap. And, more often than not, this means working from home while you start to generate some income. There are numerous reasons why working from […]

How to Set Your Small Business Resolutions for 2015

2015 Calendar Shows Planning Annual Projection

I just love setting New Year’s resolutions for myself personally and for my business each year. But many people think resolutions are a waste of time. Why is that? Likely because they’re going about it all wrong. Here, we look at tips for setting the right kinds of resolutions so you can actually accomplish them! […]

10 Ways to Usher Your Small Business Into the New Year

Graphs On The Hands Of Businesswomen

Most businesses don’t realize that success in January starts long before the first of the New Year. It takes plenty of work and planning to set your year up right. Here are several items you should start checking off your list starting today. Don’t miss these 10 Ways to Usher Your Small Business Into the […]

How to Participate in Globalization As a Small Business Owner

Businessman With Global Network

Guest Article As a small business owner, globalization presents an opportunity for growth, expansion and investing abroad. Although many small businesses are learning how globalization can significantly expand and impact their business operations, some are still hesitant to embrace this new business opportunity. Globalization and investing are equivalent in many ways and work together simultaneously; […]

How to Build a Business Relationship

Business Meeting Agreement

Now, too often, people think building a business relationship is how you get the business, but I’m here to you that the sale is really the beginning of the relationship. Anyone will buy something once, but in order to stay in business, you need repeat business. I recently had a situation with one of my […]

Strategic Planning for the Next Owner of Your Business

Strategy Sphere

Guest Article This is the time of year when business owners are budgeting for next year and planning strategic decisions for the future. Those decisions may involve pursuing a new product, upgrading an IT system or opening a new location. When making strategic planning decisions, are you — the business owner — considering the impact […]