Don’t Take Customer Feedback For Granted

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Sponsored Post If you’re pulling your hair out because your marketing campaigns aren’t doing as well as you hoped they would, it’s time to consider the reasons why you’re struggling. There’s a reason why Big Data is a hot buzzword right now: data can be tremendously useful in helping you create marketing campaigns that do hit the mark. It […]

Tips for Finding, Qualifying and Hiring Freelancers


Guest Post According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 40% of the U.S. workforce will be freelancers by 2020. This is great news for individuals that have the audacity to remove the chains of perceived security of full-time employment and the discipline to work independently. On the other hand, it presents challenges for the […]

SmallBizLady’s #12DaysofGiveaways 2016 Winners List


As we wind down for the Christmas holidays, I wanted to take some time out to congratulate the winners from our 2016 #12daysofgiveaways contest. These entrepreneurs entered our third annual holiday giveaway, and many of them entered faithfully each day for the chance to win. Special thanks again to our generous sponsors including ADP, App […]

Gear Up Your Small Business Marketing for 2017


The last quarter of the calendar year has its own vibe, whether your business counts on holiday shopping to boost revenues, or whether it slows as the year winds down, it’s time to launch your 2017 marketing efforts. Now is an excellent time to re-evaluate your small business marketing strategy and think about what you […]

CRM Doesn’t Have to be Industry Specific and Here’s Why…


Sponsored Post Image credit If you’ve decided that you need a customer relationship management system or (CRM), chances are, you’re exploring and weighing the many different options available to you. You’ve probably found some interesting industry specific CRM options out there. Or maybe you’re using a CRM system already, and would like to better customize […]

How to successfully maintain work-life balance as a small business owner


Sponsored Post Akim Vann is the owner and founder of The Bakery on Bergen, a very popular and busy spot that’s known for its delicious and creative cookies, cakes and pastries. The Bakery on Bergen just celebrated its second anniversary and Vann couldn’t be more proud. But as a busy mother of four energetic children, […]

Discovering The Path to Profitability in Your Small Business


Every entrepreneur needs to focus on growing profits for their small business. Just because you can pencil profit into the financial projections doesn’t mean it will automatically come to fruition. As an entrepreneur you have to commit fully to “minding your own business” to generate the profits that you seek. Here are several strategies I […]

7 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Small Business Website


Sponsored Post When running a small business, your website can be your most important sales tool. It’s the welcome mat into your business. Many people think a brochure or business card is sufficient, but in today’s marketplace, the first thing many people do when making a buying decision is search online. Your #1 focus should […]