Best of SmallBizLady Blogs 2015


I enjoy sharing content with small business owners and soon-to-be entrepreneurs each year. It’s all part of my mission to end small business failure. This year, I even published an updated version of my book, Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months to further that goal, and to give you a path to business success. […]

How to Leverage Data to Make Better Business Decisions


A lot of us small business owners rely on our guts to make major business decisions. Many of us feel we can’t afford Big Data solutions to provide complicated analytics and metrics for decision making. It’s actually not as complicated or expensive as it might seem, and data has a valuable place in the decision-making […]

How to Handle Employee Training in Your Small Business


In a start-up, the issue of employee training either comes up very late or not at all as you are building the business. Development and learning takes the backseat as the focus is on attracting customers and developing your product or service. This is why startups usually go for skilled talent who are already trained, […]

5 Ways to Get Prospect Email Addresses


Doesn’t it feel like no one uses the phone anymore? Everyone is either texting or emailing; even the fax has all but become obsolete. With most people having a strong dislike of junk mail, spam, and telemarketers, you’ll be hard-pressed to gain any marketing ground without the consent of your customers. Without a list of […]

How To Win Federal Government Contracts


Many small businesses often overlook, readily discard, or become immediately intimidated by federal contracting, but the federal government is one of our nation’s largest purchaser of goods and services. One of the biggest misconceptions is that it’s TOO hard to win a government contract. That’s not true. By failing to see the lucrative possibilities afforded […]

How to Turn a Prospect into a Customer


Despite being able to have tens of thousands of connections via social media, email, and blogs, the importance of building relationships has never been more important. Why? Because connections in and of themselves do not make your cash register ring. However, when you cultivate connections, you can build real relationships, and you can turn a […]

How Your Parenting Skills Can Help You Run Your Small Business


Running a new business? Don’t put away those parenting books…Yet. We all know raising kids is a full-time job with around-the-clock duties and tasks that never end. While diaper changing, hair braiding and helping with homework are niche skills, parenting requires a set of guiding principles that are helpful to another audience: small business owners. […]

5 Ways to Run Your Business on the Cheap


When you first start out in business every entrepreneur has two things: limited time and limited resources. So when you are bootstrapping your business, every dollar counts. We’re all looking for ways to cut costs and maximize results for our businesses without breaking our budgets. The key to saving money is being creative and disciplined. […]