The Lifeline of Your Business: 5 Rules to Loving Your Sales CRM

5 Rules to Loving Your Sales CRM

Guest Article Don’t hate your sales CRM.  It’s your friend.  Really it is.  An effective CRM – Customer Relationship Management – system can be the lifeline of your business.  I have had the pleasure of using five different CRM systems (plus spreadsheets, notebooks, and my good old memory) over the last 15 years.  Quite frankly, I think CRM systems are required by law to bring some level of pain and misery to all of their users.  However, learning to live in harmony with your sales CRM will … [Read more...]

The Daily Deal Isn’t Dead Yet

The Daily Deal Isn’t Dead Yet

We all know that consumers are not as excited about the Groupon emails that land in their inboxes as they used to be, and we’ve all heard the horror stories of businesses that were overwhelmed or even destroyed by a poorly planned campaign. But, some businesses are making them work. Here’s one. 24-year-old Jacomo Hakim, known to his friends as DJ Jacomino, was instructed by his father to get a real job. Inspired by the lap band surgery his dad underwent, he created a business to tailor clothes … [Read more...]

15 Things About Providing Outstanding Customer Service

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This month I’m celebrating my 15th Anniversary in business, don’t forget to sign up for your chance to win SmallBizLady’s 15 Days of Giveaways contest.  Today is Part III of my 15 Things Series. Today we’ll discuss how to stay in business by providing outstanding customer service in your small business.  The real secret to getting customers to keep coming back is to deliver outstanding customer service. Good service should make the customer feel special and important to your business. … [Read more...]